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Rose-Colored Glasses by Teresa James and the Rhythm Tramps

Rose-Colored Glasses


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Grammy Nominated

Live Album

We have been wanting to capture our live show for a long time and it's exciting to finally have recordings that really reflect what we sound like live. These tracks were recorded at 4 different shows at Bogie's in Westlake Village (thank you, Ken) and because of everybody's tour schedules, we have 4 different versions of the Rhythm Tramps - all players that have brought a lot to this band over the years.  I am so incredibly lucky to be able to make music with every one of these guys and to be able to have all of these players together on this record is just amazing!

This is the stuff they don't teach you in school… These are the keepers of the unknown language. Teresa’s voice is all-knowing, like she's been to the places most of us aren't able to go. It is a mixture of rejection and redemption, … be glad there are still people like Teresa James and the Rhythm Tramps who care enough to do this and share their spirits. Each and every one of them should receive a letter jacket with a big "S" for soul on it. Class dismissed.”

— Bill Bentley for Sonic Boomers